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5 Reasons You’ll Love Path Lighting for Your Clearwater Home

When considering the addition of outdoor lighting at your Tampa Bay,
St. Petersburg or Clearwater-area home don’t forget about path lighting. Path lighting is the unsung hero
of any successful landscape lighting design and for good reason!

While the focus of your landscape lighting is often a majestic tree or a favorite outdoor living space, path lighting delivers a cohesive look. Illuminating walkways and pathways not only offers an ambient setting, you’ll never have to worry about visitors not arriving safely at your doorstep. There are many benefits to path lighting. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay has chosen five reasons to fall in love with our path lighting as part of your outdoor lighting design.

1. Beauty

Path lighting complements the surrounding landscape and your home’s architecture. Aesthetically, there is nothing more romantic than a well-lit path to your door washed in the ambiance of soft light. Path lighting helps set the mood for your entire landscape lighting design, adding character and a welcoming glow. Path lighting is the ideal accent to your Clearwater landscape lighting.

2. Fixtures

We realize the value of customized lighting, this is why we only use superior commercial quality fixtures where we can control the amount of light that is cast across an area. Our path lighting fixtures can cover a targeted pinpoint to a wider range to give as much coverage as you need. Our fixtures are American made with materials that are made to last and the highest grade wiring available. Among our most popular path lighting fixture is the BB07 which is made of solid copper and brass that patinas elegantly over time.

3. Safety

Whether you’re entertaining guests or running outside to check the mail, you’ll appreciate the safety features of landscape lighting for your Clearwater home. These guiding lights ensure that no one takes a wrong turn or a fall. If your pathway is long and doesn’t pick up light sources from your other exterior lighting, it
can literally be pitch black. Walkways, pathways and sidewalks should allow you and your guests sure footing during the day or night, and our path lights give you a wider spread of light without having to use more light making any object in your path clearly visible. Pathway lighting is a great solution to thwart potential hazards.

4. Energy Efficiency

Using LED outdoor lighting for your Clearwater home’s pathway lighting is the smart choice for energy efficiency. LED fixtures last much longer than any other types of lighting. One bulb can last more than 50,000 hours! LED bulbs also don’t get hot, so they’ll never be a fire hazard.

5. Complete Control

Another great feature of pathway lighting is being able to use one our innovative LCA timers so you can effortlessly adjust when the lights come on, based on when it gets dark. With this easy to use system, you can manage all the landscape lighting effortlessly for your Clearwater home.

Here’s a sneak peek of a landscape lighting installation we are currently working on in Clearwater, FL. On this project, we are installing 90 of our beautiful BB07 path lights. The five reasons listed above certainly won over the homeowners of this property, featured in the pictures below. This versatile path lighting fixture with its copper finish serves as the perfect accent for their Mediterranean- style home and will elegantly light the way for guests.

We can’t wait to show you the after images by night…stay tuned!

Let Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay ensure sure footing, beauty and safety with path lights by calling us at (727) 785-6000 or (813) 237-0340 or email us at [email protected].

Is Your Clearwater or Tampa Bay Outdoor Lighting System Skating on Thin Ice?

Is Your Clearwater or Tampa Bay Outdoor Lighting System Skating on Thin Ice? Check in with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater and Tampa Bay

With spring officially here, it’s a great time to think about outdoor lighting maintenance and upgrades for your Clearwater or Tampa Bay property. You may find your outdoor lighting is looking worse for wear, or even skating on thin ice! Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater and Tampa Bay owner Robert Van Der Putten, a Dutch native, knows all about the pastime of ice skating—a sport that takes precision, speed and hard work, as displayed by the Dutch speedskating team in last month’s Winter Olympics. Just as ice skaters must demonstrate commitment and hard work on the ice, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives will do the same to maintain and upgrade your exterior lighting fixtures.

Outdoor Lighting Maintenance for Clearwater, St. Petersburg and Tampa Bay Residences

Outdoor Lighting Perspective of Clearwater & Tampa Bay offers an annual maintenance plan so you’ll never have to worry if your bulbs will skate through another season. The annual plan includes the following benefits, where our crew will come to your home for:

• Replacement of halogen bulbs (remember LEDs last 10 times longer!)
• Adjustment of any fixtures that have been knocked out of place
• Repair of any damaged wiring
• Inspection and cleaning of transformers
• Resetting, checking timers
• Trimming of plant overgrowth
• Performance of any simple changes

In addition to this annual visit, you will also receive priority response for repairs with no service charge. Each new installation performed by us comes with a free year of the maintenance plan. Even if we didn’t perform your installation, you can still engage us to maintain your outdoor lighting. Also, should you find you are in need of any outdoor lighting upgrades and retrofits, we have numerous options to enhance the natural beauty of your home with the LEDs. LEDs offer great energy efficiency, longer bulb life, no flickering, durability and more. We will be glad to evaluate your current system and make recommendations to fit your style and budget.

While we may not award you with a gold medal for choosing us, we promise to always ensure your outdoor lighting installation is kept in excellent condition. We have been serving the area for decades and are proud to help make our communities more scenic with outdoor lighting features.

On the Podium of Providers, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay Stands Tall.
Trust us to handle your outdoor lighting maintenance and upgrades with skill and expertise. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay will make sure your outdoor lighting system is working properly and maintained! Call us today at 727-785-6000 or 813-237-0340, or email us at [email protected] to learn more.

Your Seasonal Landscape Updates Deserve the Spotlight -- With Clearwater & Tampa Bay Outdoor Lighting

Here in the Clearwater, Tampa Bay and St. Petersburg area many homeowners are busy updating their landscapes and outdoor living spaces for the season ahead. The cooler temperatures give new landscape additions time to develop a strong root system making healthier plants. Mild weather also serves as the
perfect catalyst for adding or upgrading outdoor living spaces.

Whether a hardscape or a framed structure is what you have in mind, the temperate conditions help materials like wood, concrete and mortar cure. For example, the temperature of the air, the humidity level, the wind speed and the temperatures of the surface where you are placing the concrete are all considerations when installing hardscapes like patios. Experts recommend that the air temperature is between 50° F and 90° F for optimal results. For wooden structures like decks when applying stain or sealer, you want dry temperatures between 50° F and 90°with low humidity.

Clearwater & Tampa Bay Patio Lighting

Now that you and your landscaper or builder have planned your outdoor project with optimal weather conditions in mind, don’t leave the labors of your project in the dark. Remember that outdoor lighting can improve their benefits and enjoyment.

Looking beyond your planned backyard build or landscape addition, many times homeowners only contemplate the addition of outdoor lighting after a renovation is completed… as an afterthought. When it comes to a new addition to your yard, it is critical to remember the inclusion of outdoor lighting into the scope of your project. Bringing in a lighting expert early in the design stage of your anticipated project allows for much greater flexibility on what kind of lighting options and placement you may have available.

Outdoor lighting serves as more than just a pretty face, it is also an investment in your home. Professional lighting can show off your home’s architecture, beautiful façade and add depth and interest to the colors and textures present within the landscape itself. Why leave your landscaping in the dark when you can let others also enjoy the gorgeous trees lit up on your property or the beauty of your new paver patio or custom hardscape. On dark evenings, Clearwater outdoor lighting will bathe your home and property in beautiful lighting that creates a warm and inviting atmosphere.

— Clearwater & Tampa Bay Deck Lighting

If you are thinking of adding to or renovating your landscape or outdoor spaces, front or back, don’t wait until the last minute to contact your lighting designer. We love to work with designers, builders and homeowners while they are in the planning stages of an improvement project. We can locate transformers and figure out where fixtures need to go so that you can illuminate special features you’d like to include.

— Clearwater & Tampa Bay Landscape and Pool Surround Lighting

We have worked with countless local landscape designers and custom builders and we can easily integrate our working plans with theirs so that you can see it all come together in one cohesive manner. It’s always better to begin planning early so we may bury wire while the ground is open, but we can also come in later too.

Trust Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay, because we are experts at shining the spotlight on your home’s best features. Call us today at 727-785-6000 or 813-237-0340, or email us at [email protected].


Is Your Clearwater, Tampa Bay or St. Petersburg Hospitality Venue Vacation-Ready?

Now is the time of year when many St. Petersburg, Tampa Bay and Clearwater hospitality venues think about upgrading their grounds to enhance the guest’s experience. Vacation season is just around the corner and as many guests flock to the northern bay area of the Florida Gulf Coast will your business be ready by day, and night?

When you consider outdoor lighting for your Tampa, Clearwater or St. Pete’s-area restaurant, resort, hotel or other hospitality property, you may not put much thought into how it can affect your guest’s experience. You may not go any further than installing safety lights around walkways and lighting emphasis on your business sign.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay is able to do so much more than simply illuminate your guest’s path or making sure your signage can be seen at night. We understand that lighting affects the entire mood of your commercial hospitality business. Our lighting experts are highly trained in the use of lighting and how its placement can create the perfect look and feel for the exterior of your establishment. We specialize in setting the mood for a welcoming and memorable experience for your guests.

We design, install and even service your outdoor lighting. We use premium fixtures to fit your design and we’ll keep them in working order so you don’t have to. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay, we can upgrade your existing fixtures with LED retrofit solutions to provide maintenance and energy savings. We can work with your existing landscape and outdoor lighting to create an even more inviting atmosphere. Whether you are looking for romantic and intimate, or bright and festive, we can provide the perfect outdoor experience to complement your overall theme and make sure it will last.

We can expertly transform your hotel’s rarely used, dimly-lit outdoor areas into the highlight of the business. Extend the use of your pool area with perfectly placed lighting. With the right amount of illumination and a professional design, we can create a serene oasis for relaxation after the sun has gone down!

Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay today to make your property the best it can be every evening. You can reach us at (727) 785-6000 or (813) 237-0340 or email us at [email protected].

New Year, New Lifestyle, New View

The New Year is a perfect time for creating goals, starting fresh and making positive changes for an improved life. New Year’s resolutions are made by 45% of Americans as a way to start the year on the right track. According to a YouGov poll, the most common aspirations for the coming year in the US are to eat healthier, get more exercise and to save more money.

Believe it or not, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay can help inspire you to reach your goals. Having the benefit of outdoor lighting at your Clearwater, Tampa Bay or St. Petersburg home can make getting fit and leading a healthier lifestyle easier.

Your landscape and outdoor living spaces are the perfect places to spend time outdoors. Fresh air, playing with the kids, yard games and other activities are a great way to get you off the couch and moving! Landscape, deck and patio lighting will allow for endless frolic and fun after dusk.

In addition to the ability to inspire longer periods of activity and exercise in your backyard, outdoor lighting can also create an ambiance perfect for meditation, yoga and pilates!

For Clearwater, Tampa Bay and St. Petersburg homeowners looking to take
their exercise regimen beyond the backyard, imagine the difference landscape lighting could make in your daily routine. Since the days are shorter and evening arrives earlier, coming home from that power walk or evening run would no longer mean returning to darkness. Landscape lighting will ensure greater visibility and peace of mind. This adds confidence in helping to keep your resolution towards a healthier lifestyle.

Last but certainly not least, our LED outdoor lighting can help save money compared to the costs associated with operating a halogen outdoor lighting system. LED bulbs have a 50,000+ hour life expectancy and last over twenty times longer than halogen ones. That cuts usage costs since maintenance is reduced as is the irritation of persistently purchasing and replacing dead bulbs. Additionally, LED offers the same, or better, illumination using a minimal percentage of the power of halogens. Here’s an example of the type of savings we are referring to:

Your electrical company charges you by the KWH (kilowatt hour). One KWH is equal to using 1,000 Watts an hour. Doing a bit of math based on how many hours you run your outdoor lighting system in a year, you can easily calculate the savings of running an LED outdoor lighting system instead. But to make it easy, we’ve thrown a few numbers together to show you the difference:

The average cost of a KWH right now is about $.1091. In a year, it will take 1,314 KWH to run the Halogen system and 219 KWH per year to run the LED outdoor lighting system for 8 hours per night, 365 days per year. Within those parameters, you will spend $143.36 to run the Halogen system for the year & only $23.89 to run the LED system for the year.

A new (or upgraded) outdoor lighting system is an investment that adds beauty, security and safety, and valuable illumination every evening. So while you are busy with the excitement your working toward your New Year goals, let us help bring your endeavors out of the dark and into the light!

Make your appointment with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay at (727) 785-6000 or (813) 237-0340 or email us at [email protected].


Resolve To Make This Year Brighter Through Outdoor Lighting

As 2017 draws to a close, many of us will be making resolutions to improve our lives in the New Year. These promises to ourselves can involve our health, finances, lifestyle and even improving our state of mind. As important as each of these changes can be, sometimes it is the small changes you make to your environment that can help inspire you to reach your goals.

The addition of outdoor lighting or upgrading your existing outdoor lighting is one of the small changes you can make moving into the New Year that will inspire you. After all, you have a beautiful home, a picturesque backyard, and inviting outdoor living spaces. By installing LED landscape lighting, your open-air oasis can come to life after the sun sets—allowing you to enjoy your time outdoors well into the evening.

Just as we pointed out in our story See the New Year in a new light with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay, adding outdoor lighting to enhance your home and landscape can make a huge difference in the way you use them and will put them in a whole new light, (no pun intended).

Great examples of how lighting can change your home, backyard and landscape for the better include architectural lighting, landscape lighting, pool surround lighting and much more. Take a look:

Deck & Patio Lighting

Deck and patio lighting will bring your backyard to life after the sun goes down while improving outdoor safety. Lighting is especially helpful when installed by stairs, risers, exits and handrails. Imagine being able to enjoy your New Year Yoga routine under the stars on your tranquil illuminated backyard deck.

Pool & Water Feature Lighting

Thinking of losing a few pounds in the New Year? Swimming for weight loss has been regularly praised for its calorie-burning and cardiovascular health benefits, especially for older people. This is because swimming uses so many muscles in your body, your heart and lungs must work hard to supply them all with oxygen. With the addition of lighting to your pool area, swimming to get in shape has no timelines!

— Pool surround lighting adds a Zen effect to this St. Petersburg backyard.

Pool, spa and water feature lighting is also a must for making the most out of your pool, spa, backyard water features and/or surrounding space. Outdoor lighting will extend hours of enjoyment and relaxation by the pool.

Outdoor Lighting for Outdoor Living

Outdoor living can encompass many areas of your property, from outdoor kitchens, patios and hardscapes, fire pits, pergolas and even outdoor play areas for the kids. Outdoor lighting can help maintain these areas as desired destinations and as versatile extensions of our homes. Aside from creating ambiance and enhancing the function of our outdoor spaces, lighting will also allow you to utilize these areas in order to enjoy additional benefits.

Professional outdoor lighting changes the way you live, brings your family outdoors to gather and gives you the chance to enjoy your backyard long after the sun has set. Let Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay make your home and landscape a destination worthy of enjoyment all year long!

Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay today to make your property the best it can be every evening. You can reach us at (727) 785-6000 or (813) 237-0340 or email us at [email protected].

Set Sail With Unique Outdoor Lighting From Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay!

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay has many elated clients that will attest to our timeless outdoor lighting designs. Being the area’s premier outdoor lighting provider, we also have the opportunity on certain projects to stretch the creativity dynamics. In one of our most recent holiday lighting projects, we were given the task of illuminating one very unique outdoor living space — a sailboat!

This unique outdoor lighting project took place in New Port Richey in Pasco County, Florida. The clients are boating enthusiasts and thought it only fitting to add a seasonal sparkle to their favorite outdoor living space!

To accomplish this amazing installation, we used festival lighting attached to the boat’s mast draped across to and along the top edge of the hull. This is the same lighting technique that we have employed in our backyard festival lighting designs for homeowners all over the Clearwater, St. Petersburg and Tampa Bay area. You may hear the application referred to as cafe lighting, fiesta and festive lighting or patio string lighting, however, the term is synonymous with festival lighting.

If you are ready to set sail and bring your unique outdoor lighting idea to life, contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay today!

You can reach us by phone at (727) 785-6000 or (813) 237-0340 or email us at clearwater.outdoorlights.com.


Clearwater, Tampa Bay and St. Pete's Holiday Traditions to Cherish

Tis the season to welcome the warmth and love of family and friends, and to partake in the holiday traditions we hold close. Here in the Clearwater, Tampa Bay and St. Petersburg area there is much to see and do. This is especially the case during the holidays.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay is a vital part of the community and we embrace local events taking place in honor of the season. With this in mind, we have put together 12 days of local Christmas traditions list much like the beloved 12 days of Christmas, highlighting some of the holiday events going on in our area.

12/01/17 — Oldsmar Christmas Wonderland

The City of Oldsmar is transforming R.E. Olds Park into a Christmas Wonderland Friday, 12/01, from 6 pm – 9 pm! There will be a giant snow slope, inflatables, pictures with Santa, concessions, and a showing of the Christmas classic, How the Grinch Stole Christmas. The event is free and you can learn more at www.visitstpeteclearwater.com/events-calendar/oldsmar-christmas-wonderland.

12/01/17 — Safety Harbor Tree Lighting

Enjoy the lighting of Safety Harbor’s giant Christmas tree. Choirs will warm up the crowd for a visit from Santa Claus. The fun starts at 11 a.m. at the John Wilson Park Gazebo.

12/02/17 — Miracle on Cleveland Street

This free and family-friendly festival will transform downtown Clearwater’s Cleveland Street into a winter wonderland complete with falling snow, a skating rink, horse and carriage rides, pictures with Santa, carolers from the Clearwater Chorus, a giant gingerbread house and much more! This event is from 5 pm – 10:00 pm.

12/01/17 — Holiday in the Park

Celebrate the holidays at Pinellas Park’s Holiday in the Park! This free event starts at 5:30 pm on 12/01, at England Brothers Park.This community-wide family event will feature children’s games, entertainment, photos with Santa, hayrides, children’s train ride and much more!

12/08/17 — St. Pete Beach Boat Parade

Head down to St. Pete Beach to watch lighted boats parade through the waterways. The parade viewing party starts at 6 p.m. in Horan Park and includes music, hot chocolate, art projects for children, and a special visit from Santa. Admission is free.

12/09/17 — Pinellas Park Christmas Parade

This annual event is steeped in Christmas tradition. Watch as festive floats parade down the streets of Pinellas Park starting at 6 pm. Visit their website to view the spectator map and get more information.

12/09/17 — Tarpon Springs Christmas Parade

The Tarpon Springs Christmas Parade is an annual holiday parade that weaves through downtown Tarpon Springs starting at 10 a.m. This year’s parade route begins at Manatee Plaza and goes north on E. Lemon Street, then south on Ring Ave and finishes its last leg on Tarpon Ave. all the way to Spring Bayou.

12/09/17 — Candy Cane Hunt Following the Tarpon Springs Parade

After the Annual Tarpon Springs Christmas Parade in downtown Tarpon Springs (approximately 11:30 a.m.), stick around and head to Craig Park for the annual Candy Cane Hunt. This event is free and children up to age 12 can hunt for the lucky candy cane. There will also be crafts, music and a visit from Santa.

12/09/17 — Clearwater Holiday Lighted Boat Parade

This beloved annual event in Clearwater promises fun for the entire family! Festively decorated boats will parade past Coachman Park around 8 p.m. From there, the fleet will cruise under the Memorial Causeway Bridge turning into the Clearwater Marina Channel before navigating to the Clearwater Yacht Club. This event is free.

12/09/17 — Dunedin Holiday Boat Parade & Tree Lighting

Dunedin’s annual waterfront celebration will feature boats parading through the Marina at approximately 7 pm. The event also features holiday music and s’mores while waiting for Santa to arrive by boat to lead the countdown in the lighting of the City’s Christmas tree. This event is free and takes place at Dunedin Marina / Edgewater Park.

12/09/17 — St. Petersburg’s Illuminated Boat Parade

Spend the evening enjoying the 30th annual parade hosted by the St. Pete Rotary Club. Boats decorated for the holidays will light up Tampa Bay near downtown St. Pete. This free and family-friendly event begins at 6:30 pm. Parade-goers can get a good look all along the waterfront with the best spots will be near Albert Whitted Airport, Spa Beach, Vinoy Yacht Basin and Vinoy Park.

12/17/17 — Redington Beach & Indian Shores Holiday Boat Parade

Decorated boats donned in their holiday best will pass through the intra-coastal waterways from the Tom Stuart Causeway to the The Pub restaurant in Indian Shores. The parade kicks off at 6 p.m and is free and family-friendly!

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay would also like to remind you to not forget the traditions of the season closer to home, as well. Whether it is spending time with family and friends, hosting a holiday celebration or just relishing in the ambiance and joy this time of year brings — Enjoy!

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay Welcomes Our Snowbirds for the Season!

The time has arrived when many of our snowbird residents are arriving in the area. In case you aren’t familiar with the term snowbird, a snowbird is the terminology used to describe a person who moves from the higher latitudes and colder climates of the northern United States and Canada and migrates southward in winter to warmer locales such as Florida.

At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay, we love our snowbird community. Though they live part of the year in cooler parts of the country, they choose to spend their winters right here in Clearwater, Tampa Bay and St. Petersburg at their second homes. These homeowners get all the benefits of warm winters, but there are also challenges faced with living in a separate residence part-time.

Snowbirds are eager to have their second homes look lived in while they are away for the purposes of keeping their properties safe, but they also want their vacation homes to be warm and equally inviting both when they are in the Clearwater, Tampa and St. Pete’s region or not. A high-quality outdoor landscape lighting system ensures a second home looks stunning every night of the year, and it keeps thieves away because the home is well lit and looks occupied.

Our LCA (lighting control automation) timers enable our snowbird customers to control their outdoor and indoor lights no matter where they are via their computers or mobile devices. They can turn lights on and off or program them to automatically go on at different times each day just as someone who lived in the home would. This lets would-be intruders assume that the home is occupied, and lets them know your home is not a good target. Our LCA timers can also control indoor lighting and appliances as well for a full effect that truly gives a lived in feel to your vacation home.

When you are at your second home, you will have the feeling of a wonderful vacation oasis where you can see and appreciate your landscape, pool and water features, hardscape and outdoor living spaces. We can add illumination to an outdoor fireplace, your deck and patio, and light up the entire perimeter of the property. We will make sure your home has incredible dimension and focus with expertly designed lighting that adds flair and ambiance that make your roofline, eaves and façade pop in the night sky.

If you have special ornamental or palm trees that you’d like to make a focal point, we can add up lighting or downcast moon effect lighting that will make your landscape glimmer. We can add task lighting to your outdoor kitchen so you can cook and see everything clearly well into the night, too. We will make sure your second home is an entertaining mecca that will welcome family and friends thanks to outdoor lighting that fits your outdoor lifestyle whether you are there or not.

Keep your Clearwater, Tampa Bay – area residence as safe and beautifully appointed as your primary home. Let us show you how you how landscape lighting can enhance both your outdoor and indoor experience when you are enjoying your second home!

Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay at (727) 785-6000 or (813) 237-0340 or email us at clearwater.outdoorlights.com.


Renew your Clearwater, Tampa Bay or St. Petersburg property with outdoor lighting

As National Outdoor Lighting Month draws to a close, we are reminded of the impact professional outdoor lighting can have on your property.

As darker skies arrive earlier in the day –This year on Sunday, November 5th, National Outdoor Lighting Month is a consumer awareness effort founded by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives in 2013, to educate homeowners about the transformational difference quality and professionally installed outdoor lighting can make to a home, business, landscape or even a special event. Increased safety, beauty and ambiance from pools to playgrounds, backyard grills to gazebos, landscapes to lounge areas – if it can be illuminated, it can be transformed with outdoor lighting.

Why Clearwater Outdoor Lighting?

  • Improved Aesthetics — Nothing brings more warmth to a home after dark than perfectly balanced outdoor lighting. Outdoor lighting warms and welcomes as it enhances the curb appeal of your entire property. The philosophy behind our custom outdoor lighting designs is the core idea of focusing on the effect, not the fixture. This means your home’s architecture, outdoor living spaces and beautiful landscape become the focus.

  • Linger Longer — Clearwater outdoor lighting is the perfect way to extend the hours you can linger outside. Our deck lighting, pool surround lighting and patio lighting enables endless enjoyment of your outdoor spaces. With our backyard lighting, there are no rules and no limits with the setting sun.

  • Safety & Security — Well-lit exteriors are never inviting to intruders and strategic fixture placement can help prevent falls and injuries. This is especially important in residential settings around pool and water features. We can illuminate the outdoor living areas surrounding your water feature such as a patio surround, cabana or pool house, delineate a pathway, and add illumination to any areas that need accenting to make you feel more safe and secure. Our professional design service and high-quality fixtures can do all of this and more.

Professional outdoor lighting changes the way you live, brings your family outdoors to gather and gives you the chance to enjoy your landscape long after the sun has set. Contact Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay today to learn more at (727) 785-6000 or (813) 237-0340 or email us at [email protected].

Any day can be a special occassion with Clearwater & Tampa Bay outdoor lighting

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay’s holiday lighting program is in full swing as scheduling is underway for the upcoming season. Along with overseeing lighting for the Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and other winter holidays, we can also illuminate your home and landscape for other special occasions.

Just as the idiom of wearing many hats refers to the ability and expertise to have different roles or tasks to perform, the same can be said when it comes to the versatility of our outdoor lighting.

Here is a peek at some of the unique ways you can change the color, feel and effect of your home and landscape through outdoor lighting:

Non-winter holiday outdoor lighting

True. Christmas is the most popular holiday we illuminate for, however, we can design and install lighting for any holiday you have in mind. These include but are not limited to, Halloween, Independence Day, Easter and even Valentine’s Day!

Colored LED outdoor lighting

We can give our clients the option of a twist of color by simply changing the lens covers on your existing fixtures. What’s awesome about this is that you don’t have to get an entirely brand new fixture housing, we simply come in and change your clear lens covers on your well lights to one of the tinted lenses we have available, including: red, green, purple, amber, yellow, white and blue. It’s an easy way to capture a different mood without a lot of fuss.

We can control whether the color appears soft or bold based on your taste, so dare to be different by adding color on your home or within your landscape without fear! You can use spots of color only if you want a special object to stand out in the night such as a water feature or a piece of garden sculpture. If you’ve got a special outdoor event such as wedding, we can do some really unique colors that match the bride’s bouquet or whatever her theme colors are.  Since changing lenses is so easy to do, they can be changed whenever you want to suit your needs or sense of whimsy. It’s easy to stretch the boundaries of outdoor color without a big expense or trouble thanks to our nifty colored fixture lenses.

Anytime Colored LED Lighting

With new RGB LED lighting technology, you can change the color of your LED’s and your freedom of expression on a whim! We now offer this capability for use with our LED up lighting and down lighting landscape lighting designs. This technology allows you to use your smartphone or Bluetooth controls to create unique lighting effects using our RGB LED lights. This means you can customize the color of your lighting any time you want, and just as easily return to traditional clear, at the drop of a hat. Imagine the possibilities:

  • Welcome your tailgating friends to your home by sporting your team colors, even if it’s just to mark the victory of your little leaguers.
  • Signify the arrival of your family’s new addition, with pink or blue lighting, making an evening baby shower and the gender reveal even more of a special delivery!

  • Host the most memorable “themed” evening birthday party for your child. A good example is an “under the sea” themed backyard pool party for your daughter. By changing to blue or green lighting for one magical evening they will always remember — and you will become the coolest Mom on the block!
  • This list of options is only limited to your creativity and imagination!

Learn more about our diverse holiday and special event outdoor lighting menu today at (727) 785-6000 or (813) 237-0340 or email us at [email protected] for the answers.

Knowing the difference between line voltage, low voltage and LED outdoor lighting

Here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay we often receive inquiries about residents interested in line voltage outdoor lighting. Outdoor lighting types include line voltage, low voltage, LED, and solar. Each is very different, and these differing characteristics will impact look, energy consumption, component durability, and even the type of transformer that needs to be installed. Our staff is trained to know the differences and can explain them clearly. With this in mind, during our inquiries and calls, we take the opportunity to educate homeowners on the differences in line voltage, low voltage and LED.

What is Line Voltage Outdoor Lighting?

Line voltage (aka high voltage, or what is commonly referred to as household current) utilizes higher wattage bulbs, ranging from 60-75 watts up to 175 or even 250 watts. Line voltage also allows the use of various types of bulbs including incandescent, fluorescent, sodium (the orange street lights), mercury vapor or metal halide/ceramic metal halide. The main disadvantages of line voltage are the higher fixture and bulb costs, higher energy bills, and higher costs for installation. Most installations require an electrician because it must be run in conduit buried to meet electrical code. Trenching to each fixtures location is required, which can be expensive. Also, certain bulbs require a ballast component to light the fixture. In summary, line voltage fixtures are best used for security lighting, spot lighting, or moon lighting very large areas where cost and energy use are not a concern, most often in commercial outdoor lighting applications.

Old mercury vapor flood lights we removed from a Clearwater home.

What is Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting?

Just as the name implies, this type of outdoor lighting system uses lower voltage over line voltage. This equates to energy efficiency, lower bulb and fixture cost, ease of installation since trenching is not required, ease of adding to and/or moving fixtures, and no danger of electric transformer shock. Because the bulbs are lower wattage, you can use more fixtures (7-10) to light a greater amount of area using the same wattage and energy as two or three 100 watt line voltage bulbs. Low voltage fixtures using quartz halogen bulbs produce just as many lumens per watt (brightness) as a line voltage incandescent bulb. Low voltage lighting systems are connected to a transformer, or power pack, that plugs into a household outlet and reduces the household 120 volt current to 12-18 volts. Most low voltage systems can easily be upgraded or retrofitted to our newest LED lighting technology, taking the efficiency and longevity of your outdoor lighting system to a whole new level.

By updating and replacing specific elements of your existing low voltage system, or the fixtures themselves, we can save you a substantial amount of time and money. This is what we refer to as retrofitting. We can provide many solutions for retrofitting your existing low voltage quartz€ halogen lighting system to LED.

What is LED Outdoor Lighting?

LED has become the gold standard of outdoor lighting, in both residential and commercial applications. The advantages of LED’s (light emitting diodes) are their super energy efficiency, safety, environmental benefits and very long bulb life. Since they don’t use a filament in the classic sense, the piece of metal inside a bulb that burns out causing a normal bulb to fail, an LED bulb can last for tens of thousands of hours.

LED outdoor lighting provides significant savings on electrical operating costs (up to 80% in most cases). For example, a four watt LED can produce a directional light equivalent to a 20W halogen. Additionally, due to the lower wattage, the lighting system will have less voltage drop. This, in turn, provides a more even and consistent illumination for all of your lighting fixtures. And the benefits of LED go on and on…

We are the Clearwater, Tampa Bay and St. Petersburg area experts in LED and low voltage outdoor lighting. With a vast portfolio of residential lighting designs and installations, we’ve done it all: front facades, decks, porches, patios and more. We strive to offer the right balance of savings and convenience for customers looking to add outdoor lighting to their home and landscape or those looking to upgrade their current outdoor lighting systems.

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Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay is making a list and checking it twice

It may seem early to begin planning for the holidays, but in fact, the holiday season will be here before you know it. If you’re thinking about adding holiday outdoor lighting to your home or business for the upcoming season, now is the time to finalize your designs and get on our schedule. Whether you are considering the addition of lighting to celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa we can perfect your color, theme and design choices to ensure this year’s holiday is the brightest ever!

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay can also customize a festive outdoor lighting design to celebrate Halloween, Thanksgiving, New Year’s and even special events you have planned for your home or business — we offer a rainbow of colors and options — the possibilities are endless.

Our holiday lighting program is unlike any other in the Clearwater, Tampa Bay or St. Petersburg, FL, area because of it’s convenience. Here is how our program works:

The Design

No one knows more about outdoor lighting than our professional lighting designers. For the holidays, you can be confident we’ll create a memorable display that’s tailored specifically to your individual taste and budget. We have an extensive catalog of styles and colors to choose from, from vintage-inspired roofline lights to colorful themed yard displays, we have your outdoor holiday decor covered!


Every year, about 12,000 people are treated in hospital emergency rooms for injuries related to the installation of outdoor Christmas lights and decorations. (Source: U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission) Our suggestion: Leave the installation to the trained professionals at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay. You’ll save time and avoid the risk of ruining your holidays with an unfortunate mishap. Contacting us early will ensure we get your whole display ready before Thanksgiving so all you have to do is plug it in.


After the holidays are over, we’ll come back to take down your outdoor holiday lights. (We know you’ll be busy watching football games and enjoying leftovers). We’ll pack all the lights and store them neatly in professionally organized boxes — effortless!


As a holiday bonus: After we professionally pack your lighting display away, we’ll store your holiday outdoor lights in our clean, dry facilities. This saves room in your garage, attic, basement or crawlspace. It also gives our team the opportunity to check every bulb for you prior to next year’s re-installation. If a light needs to be replaced, we’ll know in advance of your installation and you can also add to your display as you see fit. What could be more convenient?

Contact us today at (727) 785-6000 or (813) 237-0340 or email us at [email protected] to learn more about our innovative and hassle-free holiday lighting program. Remember, just like Santa, we are making a list and checking it twice!

What do the Dutch game Sjoelen and Clearwater outdoor lighting have in common?

One of the most beloved games my family and I enjoy playing is Sjoelen. Sjoelen is a Dutch shuffle board game which is a tradition in my native Netherland. The game is played on a Sjoelbak with 30 discs. It is a true family winter game and over a century old. The objective of the game is to shuffle the 30 discs in the four compartments at the opposite end in three sub-turns.

You may be asking me, what does the game of Sjoelen have in common with outdoor lighting? The answer is a great deal, and for two very important reasons.

  1. The game requires concentration and precision in order to shuffle the discs into one of the four compartments much like the concentration and precision we pour into each of our outdoor lighting designs.
  1. The game is played on a board, called a Sjoelbak. Most Sjoelbak’s are hand-made from hardwoods such as Oak and feature a smooth, stunning grain with an exquisite finish. The board itself is for many Dutch families, an heirloom item to be passed down for generations.

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay only uses the highest-quality fixtures for all our installations. When it comes to choosing hardware for your outdoor lighting system, we set the highest standards with our corrosion-proof outdoor lighting fixtures, wires and lamps which can weather the toughest coastal conditions. The craftsmanship of our fixtures is evident year after year, much like an heirloom-quality Sjoelbak board, as the solid copper and brass take on a rich patina over time, blending beautifully into your landscape.

Much like the craftsman who make the Sjoelbak boards by hand, we set equally high standards for outdoor lighting performance. Our energy-efficient fixtures boast a long life expectancy and a consistent light output. Our state-of-the-art LED technology plays a major role in boosting your efficiency, too. We use multiple voltage transformers in our low-voltage installations, allowing your lamps to use less energy while delivering the perfect amount of energy-efficient illumination with a balanced light intensity.

To be successful in any trade, or at any game, takes dedication and experience. Outdoor Lighting is all we do and we do it best!

Contact us today to learn more about our winning outdoor lighting designs. You can reach us at (727) 785-6000 or (813) 237-0340 or email us at [email protected]:

Clearwater and Tampa Bay Church Lighting

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay is currently in the process of installing an outdoor lighting system for one of our local Palm Harbor, FL, places of worship. When you think of outdoor lighting, a majestic home or lush landscape under the spell of outdoor lighting probably comes to mind. However, many businesses and storefronts benefit immensely from the addition of lighting. Since members, parishioners, and guests frequent churches and synagogues in the evening, it only makes sense that outdoor lighting should be part of the design of the grounds surrounding the location.

When you pass a church at night do you notice if it is lit? Many of us don’t give it a second thought, because churches, especially our own, are a constant in our lives. Your place of worship is a place you can always depend on and in our minds, it is the place that is always open.

Outdoor church lighting isn’t only important for the aesthetics of the church, but also the functionality. Churches have evening worship services, as well as other nighttime events. Outdoor lighting makes the property safer and easier to navigate for those that visit the property at when it’s dark.

Many churches around the country are opting to install outdoor lighting to their grounds. Much of the reason for this is to help with membership efforts. You are more likely to visit a church that you find memorable. Nothing can be more memorable than seeing the beautiful architecture and pristine grounds most places of worship are known for lit at night. Lighting a church brings out the depth in the features and architectural elements of the structure. Lighting the landscape and the entry of a church, including the signage, brings a calm and tranquility that only a place of worship can stir in someone.

If you are a church official, suggesting the addition of hiring a professional to install outdoor lighting could possibly make a difference in the number in attendance on Sunday mornings. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay can even set up a night-time demonstration for you and your committee to see for yourselves just how beautiful your church can be at night. Contact us today at (727) 785-6000 or (813) 237-0340 or email us at [email protected] today to learn more.

Add Excitement to Your Clearwater, Tampa Bay and St. Petersburg Backyard With Outdoor Lighting

So, the Fourth of July holiday weekend is now behind us until next year. If you find yourself longing for the excitement and celebratory feeling within your outdoor spaces past the holiday, we can help!

Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay are experts at keeping that spark in your outdoor living areas and landscape all year long! Our high-quality outdoor lighting designs are meant to excite, enliven and evoke romance at your home after dark. The great news is, you don’t have to wait for a special occasion to arrive to enjoy your outdoors. We can customize an outdoor lighting design that speaks to your needs, tastes, budget and character of your individual property. From showcasing beautiful architectural elements that make you home unique, to illuminating an outdoor living area in order to have the freedom to enjoy it on a whim, we can make your property the evening oasis you have always longed for. Take a look:

Clearwater architectural lighting:

We know that outdoor and landscape lighting is one of the most effective ways to add beauty and value to your home. As America’s most trusted residential outdoor lighting specialist, we know that the secret of stunning outdoor illuminations is in the perfect placement of energy-efficient, handcrafted copper and brass outdoor lighting fixtures. When you see how our professional lighting transforms your home, you’ll agree that our designs do more than illuminate — They captivate.

Clearwater landscape lighting:

Your landscaping is one of the most distinctive features of your property. And yet, it’s probably hidden once the sun goes down… diminishing your enjoyment of the view and limiting the usability of your yard after dark. We can make the most of your landscaping with professional landscape lighting that’s tailored for trees, gardens, fountains, pathways, statues and other backyard features. Our lighting design experts orchestrate the outdoor lighting fixtures to set the mood you want — whether it’s soft and romantic or cheerfully lit.

Clearwater backyard lighting:

Outdoor living can encompass many areas of our backyards, from decks and patios to pools, fire pits and pergolas. Outdoor lighting can help maintain these areas as desired destinations and as versatile extensions of our homes. Aside from creating ambiance and enhancing the function of our outdoor spaces, lighting will add many additional benefits including safety, security and much, much more!

Clearwater decorative outdoor lighting:

Festival lighting, also referred to as cafe, fiesta or festoon lighting, is all the rage for homeowners wanting to add ambiance in their outdoor settings. This genre of decorative outdoor lighting is one of the most interesting and versatile lighting trends customers are requesting. Decorative outdoor lighting is one of the newest, most unique outdoor lighting ideas. It offers a new way to introduce not only illumination into an area, but also as a way to convey a feeling of a mood within a space.

We aren’t just any outdoor lighting company. We are THE outdoor lighting company you turn to in the Clearwater, Tampa Bay and St. Petersburg area. From architectural lighting to landscape lighting and more, we focus our services exclusively on outdoor lighting so you always get exactly what you’re looking for. With Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay, your satisfaction is always guaranteed.

Contact us today to experience add excitement to your home and landscape during every season. You can reach us at (727) 785-6000 or (813) 237-0340 or email us at [email protected].

Clearwater & Tampa Bay outdoor lighting ~ extend your summer days!

June 21st may have been the official arrival of summer, but for many, the 4th of July marks the occasion. With this in mind, Clearwater and Tampa Bay residents are sure to be spending more time in their backyards. Whether it is enjoying a cool dip in the pool, long evenings spent stargazing on the deck or hosting a picnic on the patio, you never want the fun to end!

One way to ensure your enjoyment doesn’t end with the setting sun is with Clearwater & Tampa Bay outdoor lighting. Our timeless outdoor lighting designs enhance the beauty of your property while providing safety and security. Outdoor lighting also allows you to take advantage of your outdoor spaces after dark while adding curb appeal and value to your home.

Outdoor living can encompass many areas of your property, from decks and patios to pools, spas, docks, fire pits and pergolas. Outdoor lighting can help maintain these areas as desired destinations and as versatile extensions of our homes. Aside from creating ambiance and enhancing the function of our outdoor spaces, lighting will add many additional benefits…

Deck and patio lighting brings your backyard to life after the sun goes down while improving outdoor safety. Lighting is especially helpful when installed by stairs, risers, exits and handrails. Outdoor Lighitng Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay ensures your focus is on the effect and not the fixture or wiring. We are able to achieve this through our use of non-evasive fixures and obscure installation techniques.

Pool, spa and water feature lighting is a must for homeowners who want to make the most out of their backyard water feature and surrounding space. Outdoor lighting will allow you to enjoy endless evening swims with peace of mind, and will extend hours of enjoyment by the pool and in the pool. We know what fixture to use in the right setting in order to increase the safety around stairs, railing and pathways.

When it comes time to grill outdoors, task lighting added to specific areas of your grilling area or outdoor kitchen will increase visibility and ensure everyone’s entree is cooked to perfection. In addition to illuminating backyard food preparation areas, illuminating your outdoor dining areas will encourage conversation and allow you, and your guests, to linger longer.

Professional outdoor lighting changes the way you live, brings your family outdoors to gather and gives you the chance to enjoy your backyard long after the sun has set. Let Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay create a backyard destination worthy of enjoyment all summer, and all year long!

Contact us today to make your backyard the best it can be every evening. You can reach us at (727) 785-6000 or (813) 237-0340 or email us at [email protected].

Which trees make the best candidates for tree lighting and what is the best way to light them?

Here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay I am often asked which trees make the best candidates for tree lighting. This is because most homeowners want to take advantage of the best aesthetic return by making sure to choose the right tree(s) in their West Central Florida landscape. My answer is simple; when you are looking for the tree that will make the biggest impact in your landscape you want to choose a tree with character. This may be an oak tree with outstretched, reaching branches or a palm tree with impressive plumes.

Trees, as a species, naturally have a great deal of character, as no two trees look alike. Choosing specific trees within your landscape for tree lighting can breathe new life into your landscape and give your entire property a distinct feel. Palms, for example, have unique branching structure that is all their own. Their abundant overlapping branching pattern is beautiful to look at and makes a wonderful focus of tree lighting designs. Their bark, wide caliber trunks and tall height exudes majesty and presence and is one of the most requested trees by our customers to use as a focal tree lighting candidate.

Oak trees, on the other hand, are hauntingly beautiful trees. Their sweeping, curved limbs create a branching pattern that conveys wisdom and elegance in the landscape. When oak trees are lit using certain lighting techniques they cast shadows in the areas surrounding the tree that mimic light dancing from the glow of a full moon; eerie but yet quite beautiful at the same time.

Tree lighting is a key component of outdoor lighting design. Lighting statement trees can add depth and interest to your overall landscape. There are three main tree lighting techniques that we apply frequently: these are spotlighting, moonlighting and shadowing.


With spotlighting, fixtures are installed at the base of the tree and are pointed up towards it. By having the lights at ground level, the light is able to illuminate the trunk and many of the tree’s branches.


This is a much more subtle tree lighting technique. Just as its name suggests, moonlighting mimics the effect of light from the moon. The fixtures are installed high in the branches of the trees positioned downward or even on adjacent structures to ensure light is cast through the trunk and branches of the tree casting lovely shadows on the ground.


With shadowing the sole focus is not only the tree but also about the shadow that the tree creates. Shadowing is often used when the tree is in front of a wall or home as a way to add depth, texture and a certain level of mystery to your landscape. The fixtures are placed in front of the tree and are cast at an angle to place the shadow in the desired spot.

To learn more about how tree lighting can enhance your Clearwater, Tampa Bay or St. Petersburg landscape contact us today at (727) 785-6000 or (813) 237-0340 or via email at [email protected].

Clearwater and Tampa Bay Dock Lighting

Our Dock Lighting Enhances the Waterfront Experience into Night!

Water recreation and oceanfront outdoor living is a huge part of the lifestyles of our Clearwater & Tampa Bay area residents that live along the shoreline. Obviously, when the ocean is right outside your door, or just a short walk, you want to take advantage of all the enjoyment it provides. From boating, water skiing, fishing or just relaxing, beach side properties are unique in that they provide year-round enjoyment in one form or fashion.

Part of making the most out of your beachfront home is ensuring you can enjoy the views and recreational opportunities day into night. After all you don’t want to call it a day when the sun sets —Some of the most favorable weather for water activities comes in the evening, after all! Here at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay we cater to making your shoreline property more functional for evening use, safer for carrying out various activities and we use the ocean as the backdrop to enhance the beauty of your entire landscape and home. The right lighting can enhance your entire waterfront experience on any given night, during every season!

We recently completed a dock lighting installation at an oceanfront residence on Tierra Verde Beach. Not only will the new dock lighting enable the homeowner’s endless boating enjoyment, it will also improve the safety of the dock for all activities. Whether it is entering or exiting their boat, fishing from the dock’s end, cleaning fish from the day’s catch or just stargazing, lighting ensures peace of mind dockside.

For this particular design we installed our versatile BB-02 deck lighting fixture. This fixture is one of the many we use in these type of installations. The BB-02‘s versatile design allows function friendly installations in multiple outdoor lighting situations because it can fit into those spaces that other lights cannot. Whether placed out of view under bench seating to add ambiance to your deck, illuminating your outdoor water feature or as the perfect dock lighting fixture, the list of areas this fixture is perfect for goes on and on.

The BB-02 fixture is designed in LED and carries all the thermal attributes of our larger LED fixtures which ensure a long life. Since the fixture is designed in LED it only uses a 3-watt LED light source which is the equivalent to a 20-watt with standard halogen bulbs. Less wattage means more energy savings for you!

Contact “Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay”: http://clearwater.outdoorlights.com/ today to learn what a difference the right lighting can make on your dock, pier or beachside water access area. You can reach us at (727) 785-6000 or (813) 237-0340 or email us at [email protected].

Robert Van der Putten, Owner Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater

Tree Lighting

Dramatic Clearwater & Tampa Bay Tree Lighting

The Clearwater & Tampa Bay areas have many architectural and landscape features that are unique to our little corner of the world. This includes the Mediterranean-inspired architecture that is prevalent throughout home design and of course palm trees and other tropical climate ornamental trees. In many of our featured blog articles we have talked about lighting your home’s façade to show off the intricate architectural details and make it look larger. But, to really showcase your property to its full potential, you should illuminate the trees in your outdoor spaces as well.

Palm tree lighting used within a patio setting

Outdoor lighting for trees can be tricky because of the nature of the object being lit. Professional outdoor lighting designers know the right type of light to use at the best angle to illuminate the tree properly. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay, we also know the proper distance the fixture needs to be installed to light the full canopy and the best place to mount the fixtures depending on the desired effect.

Up Lighting on trees can make a dramatic statement

Good outdoor lighting should always look natural and illuminate the best features of the area or object being lit — this includes tree lighting applications. The trunk size and canopy need to be considered when deciding on the type of lighting technique and the appopriate fixture to use. There are two types of lighting we can design for your trees, depending on the effect that appeals to you. The most common type of tree lighting is up lighting. Up lighting trees, especially palm and oak trees with their graceful canopies can make a very dramatic statement. In up lighting applications, we install a well or flood light very close to the tree to direct the light up the trunk, underneath the canopy, illuminating the entire conifer. Placing fixtures on the ground directed upward reveals the tree’s magnificent natural beauty, shape and elements making the entire surround more stunning.

Down Lighting, aka moonlighting, in trees casts soothing and comforting shadows

The second type of tree lighting we also implement is called down lighting or “moonlighting.” Down lighting is a look that is not as commonly used but is still quite impressive. With this type of lighting, flood lights are actually mounted in the tree at different levels to cast light down through the leaves and branches of the tree. This replicates the look and shadowing created naturally by the moon which is soothing and comforting to the eye. In addition the shadows cast below from the natural branching of the tree being lit are hauntingly beautiful.

If you want to learn which trees would make the most impact and serve as the right candidates for tree lighting in your landscape, give us a call. We can show you the differences with a free nighttime demonstration to help get the most natural look for your property. (727) 785-6000 or (813) 237-0340 or email us at clearwater.outdoorlights.com

Robert Van der Putten, Owner Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater

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