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We can ensure you don’t miss a beat of the beauty with dock and waterside lighting

“I’m sittin’ on the dock of the bay… watchin’ the tide roll away…”

— Otis Redding, 1967

These treasured lyrics speak volumes about the impetus of dock lighting. Like many others based on the beauty of the sea bringing to mind long days and nights spent enjoying the beauty and wonder of the ocean from your dock. For many Clearwater and Tampa Bay area residents it also serves as a reminder of the benefits of living so close to the water and much of which can best be enjoyed from a dock, or waterside deck.

Our fixtures are made for the tough Florida weather such as intense sun, heat and salty water and air thanks to their all-metal, commercial quality construction that won’t rust, fade or peel over time. They are made in the USA specifically for Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay to our highest standards so that we can ensure they last for years to come.

It doesn’t matter what waterside activities you are up to, dock lighting ensures you can see well enough to do it safely. Whether you are night fishing, pulling your boat in from a pleasure ride, swimming, or simply hanging out with family and friends—good lighting ensures you can safely navigate your dock clearly. You can easily get in and out of your boat with solid footing thanks to proper visibility, and see everyone that is in or near the water, too.

For this installation we lined the dock railing with a series of path lights so everyone can clearly see it from a distance whether they are on land or in the water. In addition, we also installed task lighting at the sink station located on the dock. This comes in super handy for cleaning the day’s catch, or just washing your hands after an evening on the water.

Without question dock lighting is a must-have not only for a grand nautical feel and the magic of evening light dancing on the water’s surface, but also for the benefits of safety and convenience.

Whether you are on the ocean, canal, marsh or a lake, gorgeous outdoor dock lighting offers plenty of personality that looks terrific day and night.

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