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Controlling Your Clearwater, Tampa Bay and St. Petersburg Outdoor Lighting System


There are many ways how to control outdoor lighting, but not all of them are equal. Outdoor lighting with timer technology helps you automate your landscape lighting so you don’t have to fuss with it. It will go on and off as needed, without much attention depending on which timer you choose. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay has some great options available for you.

How to Control Outdoor Lighting?

Digital outdoor lighting timers are simple if you don’t want to go overboard with lighting control. You select what time you want your outdoor lighting fixtures to go on and off, and you are done. As time changes occur in your area, such as DST, you simply increase or decrease the start times of your outdoor lighting. If you are a hands-on homeowner, a digital timer is for you.


Outdoor lighting with photocell timers does not require any programming at all, and they rely on the sun’s light to set them to go off. When dusk is detected, your photocell timer knows it is time to turn your landscape system on. It then turns off based on how many hours you would like your system to remain on afterward. It’s pretty straightforward and hands-off, but if you have a cloudy day, your outdoor lighting may go on earlier than you would prefer.


Lighting Automation Control Timer is the cream of the crop of timers for homeowners that seek total control of their outdoor lighting. LCA timers detect where you live based on GPS technology. It knows exactly what daylight is available based on your geo-location so it knows EXACTLY when to turn on and off without you lifting a finger. If you like the idea of outdoor lighting with remote control, then lighting control automation is for you!

Don’t Ignore Safety and the Always-Lived-in Look of Your Home

Inefficient ways to control outdoor lighting through outdated or impractical methods abound. Most of them feature useless technology that does not add security and the importance of having your home look lived in even if you are not home.

Using outdoor lighting systems as a security measure is not a new idea. Four decades ago, a highly esteemed criminologist named C. Ray Jeffery promoted an idea he called Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design. Jeffery discovered that certain design elements could lower the crime rates in an entire neighborhood as long as homeowners install them in the right locations. Unfortunately, CPTED was largely ignored during his time, but many reputable security professionals have applied his theories since then.

Learn more @ Take A “Light” Out Of Crime With Clearwater & Tampa Bay Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting with motion detector equipment is a pretty poor way of illuminating an area. Outdoor lighting with a motion sensor requires someone to walk near it to turn on. Therefore, you have no illumination otherwise. Who wants a home and landscape sitting in the dark until a person sets it off?

There is little benefit to outdoor lighting controlled by an on/off switch as well. Unless you plan on being home every day just in time to turn your landscape lighting on and off, this is pretty impractical. Don’t be a slave to your outdoor lighting—get a proper timer to fully control your outdoor lighting!

Dimmable and Color Outdoor Lighting Control


Some of our more tech-savvy clients might want even further control of their outdoor lighting. Dimmable LED lighting fixtures let you decide when you want brighter or dimmer light in any given area. Our recent installation in St. Petersburg was designed with dimmable LED’s — read about it here Cohesive and Seamless Outdoor Lighting Installation in St. Petersburg, FL.

We also have available RGB color changing Bluetooth controls. Homeowners can control interesting color effects at any time, such as for the holidays, a party or different seasons. You can saturate your home and landscape with bursts of varying color and then return to clear white whenever you want. Neat, huh?!

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