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Why Placement Is Key To Your Professional Outdoor Lighting Design

Placement is the single most important factor because it impacts the overall look and feel of your outdoor lighting plan. This is where knowing which outdoor lighting to choose is important and why a professional residential outdoor lighting design can help.

Leave Placement To The Outdoor Lighting Professionals

Where to place residential outdoor lighting is a delicate balance between art and skill. Most homeowners are not trained to understand where to install outdoor lighting or how many outdoor lighting fixtures are needed to create a specific look. Even if you are a strong DIY’er, where to place outdoor lighting can be tricky and confusing.


When it comes to outdoor lighting placement, you want a professional look and not one that was installed by amateurs. Too many lights overpower your lighting scheme and give you an airport effect, while too few are just blah and do nothing to make your property stand out. Placement is the one key thing we consistently see DIY homeowners get wrong, and it can be a costly mistake that doesn’t increase the value or usability of your home and landscape. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay shows you which outdoor lighting is best and exactly where to place it.

Good outdoor lighting design provides the right amount of light where needed with the least amount of correctly placed lighting fixtures. We have visited homeowners who think they need dozens of lights scattered everywhere to achieve safety, security and beauty. We can design a lighting plan that will harmoniously balance all your outdoor lighting needs. We don’t just overload you with unnecessary fixtures to get the quality of light you want—and that’s all about where to install outdoor lighting specifically comes in to play.

Which Outdoor Lighting to Choose is Critical

Our skilled lighting designers know where to place outdoor lighting and how to adjust the beam of light a fixture provides to give you perfect coverage exactly where you need it. We layer and overlap pools of light, and we use a variety of fixtures to achieve the perfect look.

Up Lighting


Up lighting casts light up to show off your home’s shape and roofline. Under a tree, uplighting can spectacularly highlight the trunk’s texture and canopy of leaves.

Down Lighting

Down lighting directs lighting downward and can cover a large area. Placing down lighting high in a tree creates a gorgeous moonlit effect on your lawn and paths. Since bigger zones can be illuminated thanks to downlighting, its cost-effective and the perfect solution to offer safety and security.

Task Lighting


Task lighting increases the use of your outdoors late at night. If you love to cook, dine and play outdoors in the evening hours—then task lighting is a critical addition to your outdoor lighting plan. We can ensure your outdoor kitchen gives you plenty of visibility to check how well done your steak is. We can install overhead café style festival lighting that lets your family enjoy a meal or play board games well into the night. If you like to tinker with cars on the driveway, we can give you the right amount of light enjoy your automotive passion.


Feature Lighting

Feature lighting illuminates a special feature with striking effect. An ornamental tree, art, a flag, or a water feature can be made to stand out in the darkness with dramatic effect and no harsh shadows.

Security and Safety Lighting

This important type of illumination should be carefully layered into your outdoor lighting placement so it is effective but doesn’t disrupt the overall scheme. There is no need for overly bright lighting to give you a sense of safety. We light up dark zones, the walkways to your front entrance and provide pathway lighting that fits right into the natural design scheme of your outdoor lighting plan.


As your local outdoor lighting specialists, we think of things the average homeowner would not. We consider what your outdoor lighting looks like from INSIDE your home. You don’t want beams of light pouring into your windows to disturb your sleep or create glare in your living room, for example.


Choosing the Right Outdoor Lighting Specialist Near You Saves You Money and from Making Mistakes.


Some falsely believe that having outdoor lighting professionally installed is expensive. We help you avoid costly mistakes like using too many fixtures in the wrong places. Our low consumption LED outdoor lighting fixtures are of supreme quality that is built to last. We don’t use big box store fixtures that are made overseas of thin metals and plastic and only last a few seasons.


At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we help you plan your outdoor lighting so you get the maximum effect. We help you avoid novice homeowner pitfalls, such as putting fixtures all in a row that creates an unnatural appearance. We show you exactly which type of outdoor lighting to choose, exactly where to place it, and have it professionally installed in a budget-friendly package. All our installations also include a 1-year FREE Annual Maintenance Plan.


Let Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Clearwater & Tampa Bay help you with the professional placement of your lighting for a professional look. Contact us at 727-785-6000 or 813-237-0340 or email us at [email protected] to arrange a free design consultation.

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